Monday, July 8, 2013

Overwhelmed and Amazed!

The District: Elder Christensen, Elder Clay, Elder Perry, Elder Baker, Elder Arnado, and Elder Payne, me, Sister Pincock (my companion), Sister Martinez, Sister Jacobsen, and Sister Woessner
Mom, thank you for your letter. It was nice to get something. When you were thinking of me on the deck, I was finishing personal study time that we had from 7-8:15. Breakfast is at 8:15, so I was probably thinking about that at that very moment. LOL! I'm finally figuring my way around campus. All the buildings are the same brick building it feels like.  I'm on the main campus, not the west campus (Raintree/Wyview).  It is nice being here. Otherwise I would have to take the shuttle that runs every 30 minutes to the main campus for devotionals, meals, the bookstore,  etc.  I pretty much live in our classroom building, 4M.  We get back at the residence hall at 9:30 and are suppose to be in bed at 10. So far though that hasn't happened.  One of us will have a hard time, or our sister training leaders will come and see how we are doing, or the branch presidency wives will come check on us. There are 5 sisters in the room.  My companion and I, and a tri-companionship. We are all going to Fort Collins.
My companion is Sister Pincock.  She is great!  We are so much alike, kinda crazy.  Except for our height.  She maybe reaches my shoulder. I feel like a giant sometimes around campus with her next to me.  From Idaho Falls born and raised. She was baptized in the church but her family didn't really go that often.  It was last fall when she went to Brazil for about 3 months to teach English that she read the Book of Mormon. I love that she has a huge testimony of prayer. Whenever something is feeling off in the district, she is the one the gets the group together to say a prayer to help bring the spirit back. It's great and a wonderful example for me.
In the district, we have 6 elders and 5 sisters.  We are all going to Fort Collins which is nice because we can all relate and it's exciting knowing that I might be able to see them in Colorado when we get there.  We are all from the states in various places. There is Elder Christensen, Elder Clay, Elder Perry, Elder Baker, Elder Arnado, and Elder Payne. The sisters I'm beginning to love more and more as we grow together and rely on each other. There is Sister Pincock (my companion), Sister Martinez, Sister Jacobsen, and Sister Woessner (pronounced like Wess-ner). They are all going to be great missionaries!

They  have a saying here at the MTC that the days are weeks and the weeks are days.  It does not make much sense until you experience it. It feels like I just got here an hour ago, but have learned and gone through so much that it's been months that it feels like I've been here! The schedule is crazy. Barely have time to use the restroom or get a drink.  We have class, zone teaching, TRC (role playing teaching an investigator), meals, gym, service, more classes.  It is crazy!
Sunday we had Sheri Dew come to speak to us. She gave the best talk that I have ever heard!  It was great!  That evening, we also had the choice between 3 other old MTC devotionals to watch.  Sister Pincock and I were going to go to one with Elder Holland, but there was only standing room. So we went to a talk from Elder Bednar called the Character of Christ.  Good luck trying to find it though. Our branch president said he has been trying for years to get a copy of the text or clips or anything.  It was wonderful! One of his overall messages was during times we would want to turn inward, Christ would turn outwards.  There was several examples that he gave and stories of people he knows.  But one from Christ's life was after the Garden, he went back and saw his Apostles asleep.  Instead of getting angry with them for not listening, he healed the guard. On the cross, instead of thinking about the pain, he thought about his mother and wanted to make sure she was going to be taken care of.
As we study and learn more and more, it amazes me how much I thought I knew, but really didn't.  It is exhausting!
Today is the fourth (happy Independence day all!).  I've needed a P-day (preparation day) like this several days ago...but it came!   It's so nice to do laundry again after like 2 weeks, to settle in a little (even though we are packing again on Sunday).   Tonight we get to watch Stadium of Fire!  Nielsen family in Utah...I'll be watching for you on the screen!  I forgot they broadcast Stadium of Fire to the MTC.
A scripture that has helped me this week is D&C 50:40-41. It's a great one!
Love you all!
Sister Nielsen

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