Wednesday, July 10, 2013

In Colorado

Wow...I hope Heavenly Father knows what he is doing! I know he does, but I'm scared/honored/surprised at what's happening!
I met President Brown yesterday, he really is a great mission president I've ever had!  LOL!  But seriously....he is easy to talk to and really energetic about the work! He recieved his call on Feb 20th, the Fort Collins temple was approved on Feb 21st (which has been over a year in process with the city approval), and the mission was announced on Feb 22nd.  The Lord is hastening his work here and it's incredible to be a part of!
My new companion is Sister Donovan from Virgina. Today marks 10 days until she goes home. Which is why I'm scared/honored/surprised. Her old companion, Sister Johnson, is also going home next Thursday. So Sister Woessner (MTC roommate/district sister) is her companion.  Sister Johnson is from Rochester, MN!!!!! It's confusing to explain. Sister Donovan and Sister Johnson have been companions here for 6 weeks, but both leave next Thursday.  Sister Woessner and I are their replacements.  Right now, it's all four of us together, so doesn't really feel like it's two companionships but a quad-companionship.  hahaha! Both new. Both training. So the 12 week training that 99.9% of missionaries have (that statistic is from Karisa and not a fact), we are trying to condense into just over a week. Then Sister Woessner and I are on our own with the Lord's help.  Prayers would be appreciated this coming week as we are both trying to take it all in. I'm so glad to be with Sister Woessner though! I loved being with her in the MTC. So is strong and knows what she is doing.  I'll get pictures next week.  But looking in the pictures from last week, she is blonde and usually has her hair up in a cute bun/pony.
We are in the Boulder-Loisville Ward. Boulder has some amazing/interesting people. We have a baptism on Saturday. Praying that all goes through and works out! I know the week before we are doing anything good, Satan plays hard ball and tries to beat us down.  K is so nice though and has made AMAZING changes recently!  She has overcome SOO much! In and out of foster homes since she was 6. Several were not good experiences. She is now about 33 and has a 12 year old daughter.
We are living in a member's home. Normal P-day is Monday, so that's when I'll usually be emailing. Probably afternoon sometime. But since yesterday was transfers and we got out of meetings really late, we had approval to come to the library briefly today.
Hope to learn everything I can from Sister Donovan and Sister Johnson this week.
The address to send things throughout my mission is the mission office. Make sure my first and last name is on it...just incase we get another Sister Nielsen. 
Sister Karisa Nielsen
5285 McWhinny Blvd Suite 100
Loveland, CO 80536
Sorry, this email feels more scattered. Last time I had an outline beforehand of what I wanted to write. Been too busy today for anything like that.
I'm so happy to be here and having a lot of fun stretching and growing. Praying a lot and know He is listening and answering. Love you all! Stay strong!
Sister Nielsen

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