Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Amazing Area with Amazing People

Hi all!
So I think I mentioned this already, but I'm in the Loisville ward (you can go to and find the boundaries. But Lafayette, Louisville, and the southeast part of Boulder are all in this area. So grateful to have a car! There are only two areas in this mission where sisters are on bikes, so might be put there someday, but for now, I have a car. The ward here is amazing! They have really been emphasizing missionary work since the spring, and have seen a lot of changes! Our ward mission leader, Brother Forthyst is great to work with. He just got off his mission probably about 5 years ago and misses it, so his enthusiasm helps. I was able to successfully name  about 10 families yesterday in sacrament meeting. Trying hard to get to know everyone and remember their names and a little about them.
Katrina's baptism was on Saturday. I have never been to such an awesome, spiritual baptismal service. Sister Johnson plays the violin and did a beautiful musical number How Great Thou Art. The rest of us (Sister Donovan, Sister Woessner, and I) did the "halftime" show. While Katrina was getting dressed after her baptism, we taught the first lesson, the restoration. I was just a little nervous getting ready and practicing, but when it came down to the program starting, I started getting extremely nervous. I don't think I've ever been so nervous. Giving talks in Sacrament meeting, you have the pulpit to kind of hid behind. Nothing here. President Brown and Sister Brown were also there. I was meeting a lot of the ward members for the first time, Katrina's family was there who range from investigator's (her daughter Aja is wonderful) to her fianc√©, and other members of her family who are more anti-Mormon. It was great that they were there to support; but made teaching to a wide audience like that hard. Now I have a sense of how nerve racking General Conference would be! Anyways, as the program started with the opening song, I was shaking with nerves. Sister Donovan helped comfort me. But saying a prayer made the biggest difference. It came time to do our part. We stood up front, and started. All my nerves went away. In the MTC, and hearing stories, you hear "just say something and the words will come". I thought that'd be cool, but would happen to me. It did though! I don't know how, just started talking...I really have no idea what I said. I was calm, could look everyone in the eye and say that I know with a surety that this church is true. That the Book of Mormon is true and Joseph Smith did restore Christ's church. It was amazing!!!
Sister Donovan and Sister Johnson leave Thursday afternoon, I'm more confident than I was when I first heard what was happening.  Afterall, I was in the MTC for 10 days, now I'm training for 10 days. With looking how much I have grown and learned in those few days at the MTC is a testament that I can do this. I know that it is the Lord's work. He will let me fall, but will not let us fail.
This area is truly wonderful! I love it here! If I spent the next 18 months in this ward, that'd be wonderful, however I know that won't happen. Hopefully for at least a few months. Boulder especially is a fun/crazy/unique place! So much diversity.
Everyone that flew in from the MTC last Monday (7/8)
New quad-ship...Sis Johnson, Sis Woessner, Me, Sis Donovan
Sis Woessner and I filling up for font for Katrina's baptism
 Me, Sis Johnson, Katrina, Sis Donovan, Sis Woessner

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