Monday, July 29, 2013

I HATE SPIDERS!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!​!

No pictures of spiders though, could barely look at it! We were teaching a less active couple yesterday, the Holmbergs. Sweet people and both very active outdoors! But we had another family come with us to get to know them as well. The Landerman's have a son that's probably like 10 years old. We all got talking about outdoors and this boy loves bugs! So when Sister Holmberg heard this, she stood up and got a jar that was WAY to close to me for my comfort (probably like 6 or 7 feet). But she found a spider outside and kept it! CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  This spider was HUGE! Even Sister Woessner that can handle spiders was creeped out by it! It was a brown horn spider (or some color). Google it if you dare. But I wouldn't. HUGE! NASTY! I have never gripped onto my scriptures so tight as they were in my lap. I wanted to run away, but didn't. We continued have a lesson on blessings (not spiders...that was NOT on my list) and the comfort reading the Book of Mormon brings. There is a great promise from President Hinckley in PMG page 107 (I's chapter 5, left page at the bottom). Worth looking at and reading. But the main point was that no matter how many times we read the Book of Mormon, we will always gain something new and it will always deepen our testimony.
A beautiful sunset outside our bedroom window
Besides the spider, I'm having a great time here. The families in this ward are incredible!  I love that no matter what ward we are in there are wonderful families everywhere!  One family that I have loved from the first time I met them was the Snyders. Sister Snyder has 3 young kids and being at their home reminds me of watching the Gilberts back in the day. But Sister Snyder is so sweet and nice, we had a great conversation with her on Saturday afternoon.
It's also been a shock, there are a lot of people here that moved to Colorado from upstate New York. I think growing up at school and stuff, 2 people have known where Hamilton was. But here, there have only been a couple that did not know. I'll say Hamilton and they'll say "Oh Hamilton, what a beautiful place, I know right where that is!" I was not expecting that. But it's fun!
Our ward has a lot of diversity too in age which is great! This past Sunday, we taught two lessons. Gospel Principles and Beehives in the Young Women group. The lessons were great, but there was so much to cover in our Gospel Principles lesson and class was only 8-10 minutes. The youth in the stake had trek last week, so Sacrament meeting was having all the youth and pa's and ma's speak. Sacrament meeting got out at 10:40! I've never had such a long first hour. But it was worth it. Hearing about their experiences was incredible. I'm so grateful my youth trek was in a tour bus! I wouldn't have survived if not so. Although Sister Woessner has informed me that that is NOT a trek!  :)
I hope these letters aren't too long. But let me know and I'll cut them down a little. There is just so much to talk about and update! Each day, so much happens!!! But so glad to be here! My testimony really does grow more and more each day! I'm getting better (SLOWLY) at remembering people's names. It's a work in progress.
Sister Nielsen

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