Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Awesome storm and exchanges


Almost out of time, but had to write something quickly to everyone. Two big events for this week is the AWESOME storm on Saturday here and exchanges we had last Wednesday.
IMG_0721.JPGIMG_0723.JPGSaturday started out beautiful, but afternoon came and it got cloudy. We came home to eat dinner quick (probably about 30 minutes). In that time, it came from just cloudy skies to clouds that don't look so good. Luckily, growing up mainly in Minnesota, I know what tornado clouds look like, although these weren't the right color (yet). We took some pictures from the drive way, then continued onto our appointment. With a no-show, we decided to head to the church building for 2 primary baptisms. As we are driving, we are singing along to Nearer My God to Thee from Vocal Point. The song finishes and I thought I heard a siren. Sure enough, turn off the music and roll down the window and there's the siren. We were pulling into the church building at that time, so just continued on inside. Everyone was safe, and haven't heard anything about any touch-downs. But someone should let me know, because I'm curious. It was just some awesome rainstorms and some sweet looking clouds. I'm LOVING that about Colorado, and forgot about that when we lived here...the thunderstorms are awesome and almost daily (but only last 20-30 minutes, then it's sunny again). But I'll be sure to add some pictures of the weather!
So exchanges were a lot of fun. Didn't know what to expect, but turned out to be great. We had a really full day planned. I stayed here and Sister Woessner went north to Longmount. Throughout the day, we had 7 lessons with different people. It was great to experience and see different ways of teaching. I really missed Sister Woessner though and glad to have her back. But here is a small world moment! The sister that came to Louisville with me is Sister Zvirzdin (or Sister Z, for me cuz I can't say Zvirzdin). Does that name sound familiar to anyone (dad or mom)? She is from upstate New York and has been in the Oneida ward (or branch) her whole life!!!! She knows right where Hamilton is that we lived. I tried remembering different people's names from there, because I'm sure that we would know people in common, but couldn't think of anyone. But it's still fun! She was born a few years after me.
Random missionary term that I don't know how long has been around. But yesterday I woke up not feeling well, so decided to visit our "investigator" Dan. Daily Afternoon Nap. Get it? LOL! It's random. I've been told, but don't think it's true (or hope not), but some lazy missionaries will schedule Dan into their calendar every day. Usually don't have time to sleep, but did yesterday briefly during our lunch break. Woke up a lot better! So glad I wouldn't be okay doing that. Had to get talked into taking a break. So that's my other random picture. Taking a visit with "DAN" in the nursery room. (Note from Lynn - I didn't get this picture).
Hope you are all doing great!
How is Grandpa Frank doing? How is everyone else in the family doing?
Sister Nielsen


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