Monday, August 26, 2013

First transfer-I'm staying

August 20 (posted late as I was in Juda WI last week helping with Marc and Jen's new baby William)

First off, just wanted to say, I love this ward! It really is awesome! We have only had two nights since we have been here (both last starting) that we have not had meals. Many days, we will eat with members for lunch and dinner! So as you can tell, I am staying here in Louisville and Sister Woessner is staying here as well! I'M SO EXCITED AND THRILLED!!!!  We honestly didn't think that would happen! So our prediction...we knew we were getting two new missionaries in our ward (4 total) and so we thought it would be two greeny sisters and we would separate to train them in this ward. So glad we are not training yet. At least let us get through training each other before we have to train someone new.
Someone asked me last week (forgot who) how many missionary meetings there are. Surprisingly, not as many as I thought in one aspect but more than I thought too. We had the first day we arrived (July 8th) was all day meeting informing us about all the logistical stuff (money, housing, transportation, safety, etc.). A little over a week after that, we had a follow up meeting that was like a half day. That's been it so far. Rumor has it that there is training again next Friday, but we will see. On the other hand, ward meetings are a lot more. We meet with the ward council every week, meet with the bishop every week (for about an hour), meet with the ward mission leader  weekly and contact by phone at least once a day. Our ward mission leader is Eric who is a very hard worker and enthusiastic btw which is great...he has helped unofficially train us quite a bit. They have a 19 month old son though that is hard to not play with.
We have two new elders in the ward (new to this ward, not mission). Excited to see the work that we can get done by working together. It's Elder Ameida and Elder Peterson. The ward is really excited about this opportunity to get a lot of missionary work and a lot of things accomplished! With transfers, it's exciting having the change in the environment....fresh start even though we are in the same place.
Last week I had a fun personal do something fun or spontaneous every day. Totally staying in mission rules of course. It was fun! I did accomplish it! Little things such as singing a primary song really loud with the windows rolled down. It was a lot of fun thinking of little things and doing it with Sister Woessner.
Something to look forward to next week is hearing about the temple ground breaking. The LDS Fort Collins temple ground breaking is in a few days...Saturday morning. So excited!!! This past Sunday in Sacrament, the focus was on temples. The stake presidency spoke in every ward in the stake and they had great talks! Makes me excited to be able to go to the temple again in 16 months to be able to feel of that unique peace feeling that is only there.
So glad to be on my mission and to be staying in Louisville longer!!!!
Sister Nielsen

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