Tuesday, June 11, 2013

So much to do....so little time

Tomorrow marks my two week mark before entering the Provo MTC!  I'm so excited to serve the Lord and get to know the people of the Fort Collins Colorado mission area, but there's a lot of last minute things to wrap up before I leave too.

I wanted to thank those that were able to make it to lunch at Pablo's in Minnesota....it was great to catch up before I leave for 18 months.

Blogging is a new thing for me, but felt like it was the best way for friends and family (and future missionaries) to keep in touch.  If you are ever bored, feel free to send me an old fashioned letter in the mail.  :)  Well time to get this whole blog thing figured out and keep going on my to do list.

Stay strong!
Sister Karisa Nielsen

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  1. We love you. Stay strong and true and stand in holy places. Have faith in good and bad times. We are happy for you that you have the desire not only to serve others but to serve the Lord willingly. Be safe and remember who you are and who you represent. Our love, Sandy(Step-Mom) & Dad(Gary).