Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Over 2 months in the field down!

IMG_0946.JPGSome of you know it's been a hard this past week, but missions were never to be easy. Yesterday was our 2 month mark of being in the field (in Colorado). Can't believe how the time has flown by! We celebrated last week by going to McDonald's and getting a Big Mac (first Big Mac in over 2 months)!
IMG_0948.JPGHuge moment of celebration (mom may not like this though), my hair can fit in a pony again!!!! Although I need almost a gallon of hairspray and a headband; it is so nice to get my hair off my neck and out of my face again! Especially during service projects such as Rocky Mountain Riding Therapy. It's fun! Basically it is horse therapy for children with physical disabilities. With riding horses, it helps the children have the movement that most of us can get by stretching or walking. Our job since we can't ride horses as missionaries (safety issue) is to walk next to the horse and guide the horse. It reminds me a lot of my childhood in St. George when I took horse riding lessons and riding by Grandpa and Grandma Nielsen's home.
Two weeks ago, we started a weekly Book of Mormon reading group on Wednesday nights at our church building. It is great to read together as a group of investigators, recent converts, less active members, active members, and other missionaries. I had this idea about a month ago when a relief society member talked about how hard it is to read sometimes, new empty nester and her husband isn't a member. It's great to have a time that we can learn and grow together.
IMG_0978.JPGWhen having a hard day, there is a great support group for missionaries. Last week had a hard time, so we called our "sister training leader" (zone leader type idea  for sister missionaries). Sister Seaborn came over and we talked. My awesome companion, Sister Woessner, made brownies. Sis Seaborn's companion made potatoes. We ate this girl bad day style. The brownie pan with 4 spoons and the mashed potato bowl with 4 forks. It was fun and made my day better.
Running out of time today, so going to be short. But this week is going to be better!

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